A doctor says what much of the Norwegian population is thinking…

Doctor’s certification

I refer to my previous certification, dated April 18 2012.

To satisfy the complete lunacy/idiocy in the welfare office system, I confirm that she is still pregnant, with due date based on ultrasound as before, on August 5 2012.

Olav Haugen
General Practicioner

This letter was sent in the direction of the welfare office (NAV) on Stord, an island on the west coast, on May 18. A pregnant woman had sent a letter to NAV notifying them that she was pregnant, and thus eligible for support payments. NAV did not reply, and when she contacted them she was told that she had not come far enough along when the letter was sent. Therefore, they had to return to their family doctor (fastlege) and get him to write out another letter. The doctor was, understandably, somewhat frustrated.

The picture has made its way all across the Norwegian interwebz, and the couple has recieved thousands of declarations of support from people who have had equally frustrating experiences with the welfare office. Since agencies responsible for unemployment insurance and welfare payments were combined into NAV (meaning “hub”) in 2006, the system has become even more notorious for being rigid, disorganized and hopelessly unhelpful than before. Tales of lost documents, refused certification, frightening budget deficits and other bureaucratic mishaps have become so common, they have lost their noteworthyness in the media. For this general practicioner, things had obiously gone too far.

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  1. Phyl said:

    I love your two categories so far: Ranting and Not Ranting. This one was definitely worth a rant. Great blog so far!

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