“The school looks like some kind of holiday resort”

It’s hot, it’s late in the school year and nobody has anything to do. The result is that at school, students are enjoying more of a vacation than many of them will during the actual summer break. Students are playing volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee and “enspretten” (no idea what this is called in English, the idea is to pass the ball between people without it touching the ground more than once); there’s ice cream everywhere, people have even brought waffle irons and small disposable grills (engangsgrill) to school. Teachers have classes outside, and most of them do not mind at all that students are goofing off. The author is writing this from a black keyboard in the sun and is therefore making an effort to make each key touch as short as possible.

This is when Norwegians enjoy life the most. People are out walking at midnight, when the sun is still up and the temprature is still comfortable. There is little to complain about, which is probably also why the government has strategically scheduled wage negotiations, and thus the time of year when strikes are most likely to occur, for around now. Teachers across the country are on a brief strike – but nobody seems to notice. Norwegians have ingrained in their genetic code that life is to be enjoyed when the weather is good, and a little labor dispute is not going to be put in the way of that.


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