What the hell, Denmark?


So basically, yesterday, at a high school in a rather wealthy suburb of Copenhagen (Hellerup), senior students were having one of their last assemblies before graduation – principal and all in attendance. Earlier that morning, teachers were given a quiz where they were told to “gætte klunker” – an expression that a Danish friend translated as “guessing d*cks”. They were shown pictures of students’ genitalia and told to guess who it belonged to. The teachers all found this to be in very bad taste, and refused to take the quiz, but took no further action. Later, students were shown the same genitalia on the big screen in the assembly hall, and told publically who it belonged to. Teachers did not take action here either.

The icing on the cake came when a “sex tape” of a student and an unknown young female was shown on the screen. Students at the school have said that the “tape” was basically a montage of poor-quality photos of the pair engaged in carnal relations, but nonetheless, it was obviously found to be disgusting. The principal and the teachers delivered stern reactions after the tape was finished, they also reported it to the police (it was assumed that neither party in the tape had consented); but did not attempt to stop what was happening during the two minutes the video lasted.

Danish media have since been running stories about the ways the various high schools (gymnasier) have been trying to attract students over the past few years. Instead of academic performance and quality; it seems many schools have attempted to market their party atmosphere. The Danish People’s Party (who are otherwise known as right-wing a-holes in the mainstream press) were the first to respond, calling on the government to stop this insane low culture at high schools. While the author does not agree that this should be a governmental matter, it certainly does not bode well for the Danish educational system if students choose their schools primarily based on the parties and sexual cultures offered at each institution.

All that aside, in Norway we are having great fun saying “Only in Denmark”. After all, Denmark is the only country where this:

…Is considered a breakfast drink.



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